Corrosion Cell

Avesta cell

The perfect cell for pitting corrosion studies

The Avesta cell takes its name from Avesta Steel and is designed to prevent crevice corrosion between the gasket and the sample from occurring

The Avesta Cell is an electrochemical cell developed for pitting corrosion testing (ASTM G150). It is designed to avoid micro crevice corrosion formed between the working electrode and the gasket at the bottom aperture of the cell. A filter paper ring placed between the sample and the gasket is flooded by distilled water in order to eliminate crevice corrosion. The water flow is controlled by a peristaltic pump (EL-AV-008) which delivers 0.5 to 5 mL/h.


Specifications and ordering information


Sample size
  • Min diameter: 30.5 mm
  • Max. thickness: 6 mm


Avesta Cell Catalog n°
Avesta cell kit EL-AVESTA
Double jacketed cell glass 250 mL EL-AV-002
PTFE cap 5 holes EL-AV-003
O-ring PTFE silcone encapsulated EL-AV-004
Cell collar with clamp EL-A-005
Double purge tube EL-AV-006
Filter paper ring (100 pieces) EL-AV-007
Graphite counter electrode rods (2 pieces) ρ = 1.070 µΩ cm EL-C-009
Bridge tube for RE 6 mm EL-AV-010
Double nut EL-C-011
Telescopic cell stand EL-AV-012
Skeleton EL-AV-015


Peristaltic pump for low flow EL-AV-008
Bridge tube for reference electrode EL-AV-013
with OD of 8 mm
Single purge tube EL-AV-014
Temperature probe PT100 EL-C-014
Set of 10 porous frit (4 mm CoralPor™) with PTFE heat shrink (200 mm) 092-VYC4


The reference electrode has to be purchased separately.

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