Analytical Cells

Large volume analytical cells

When larger volumes are needed

This cell is perfect for standard analytical electrochemistry experiments with electrolyte volumes of several tens of mL. It is also compatible with the BluRev product range, ie the electrode rotators.

An analytical cell available in sizes ranging from 80 to 250 mL that is  particularly well-suited for larger volumes of electrolyte.

Two types of packages are available:

  • A standard analytical cell kit
  • A full analytical cell kit (which allows temperature control and gas purging)

All these cells are compatible with BluRev instruments ie the electrode rotators (RDE, RRDE)…

Specifications and ordering information

Catalog No. Standard analytical
cell kit (80 mL)
Standard analytical
cell kit for BluRev rotating electrode (80 mL)
Complete analytical
cell kit (80 mL)
Complete analytical
cell kit (150 mL)
Glass cell 80 mL EL-A-001

Double jacketed glass cell 80 mL EL-A-002

Double jacketed glass cell 150 mL EL-A-020

PTFE cap 5 holes EL-A-003

PTFE cap for BluRev rotating electrode 094-A-CAP

PTFE ring (silicon encapsulated, OD 6.9 cm) EL-A-004

Cell collar with clamp EL-A-005

Double purge tube EL-A-006

Bridge tube for reference electrode with OD of 6 mm EL-A-008

Pt counter electrode EL-A-009

Purge tube EL-A-016

Reference electrode See below*

Double nut 25 mm and 12 mm diameter EL-A-011

Telescopic cell stand EL-A-012

*EL-ELECTRO-1, EL-ELECTRO-2 and EL-ELECTRO-3 are provided with A-013430 Hg/HgCl2 reference electrode.
To follow RoHS recommendations, EL-BLUREV, EL-ELECTRO-1A, EL-ELECTRO-2A and EL-ELECTRO-3A are provided with A-013429 Ag/AgCl reference electrode.



Electrode bridge extension for electroanalytical cell EL-A-022
Bridge tube for reference electrode of OD 8 mm EL-A-017
PT100 probe (indicate connector type) EL-C-014
Magnetic stirrer & heater,
without PT100 probe
(220 V) EL-C-015A
(110 V) EL-C-015B
Aluminum base holder for magnetic stirrer EL-C-018
Set of 10 porous glass frits diameter 4 mm (CoralPor) + high temperature heat shrink PTFE (20 cm, ID 4.8mm) 092-VYC4
Set of 10 porous glass frits diameter 4 mm (CoralPor) + low temperature heat shrink polyolefin (20 cm, ID 4.8mm) 092-VYC4A


*CoralPor is a porous glass frit like Vycor.250 mL cells are also available: glass cell EL-A-018 or double jacketed glass cell EL-A-021



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