Corrosion Cells

Plate material evaluating cell

Up to 1 cm² sample area

A simple easy-to-use cell to study large plate samples up to 1 cm².

This cell was developed to evaluate a plate material such as a metal, semi-conducting plate… The sample plate is sandwiched between the two cell PTFE blocks. The reference electrode must be purchased purchased separately, see specifications for more details.



Catalog No.
Plate material evaluating cell A-011951
PTFE cell [body &base]
screw 20 mm
purging tube, 1 m
Pt counter electrode A-002222


 Options Catalog No.
O-rings (10 pieces) A-012022
RE-1B Reference electrode Ag/AgCl for aqueous electrolyte A-012167
RE-7 Ag/Ag+ Reference electrode for non aqueous electrolyte A-012171

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