Corrosion Cell

Plate material evaluating cell

Up to 1 cm² sample area

A simple easy-to-use cell to study large plate samples up to 1 cm².

This cell was developed to evaluate a plate material such as a metal, semi-conducting plate… The sample plate is sandwiched between the two cell PTFE blocks. The reference electrode must be purchased purchased separately, see specifications for more details.



Catalog n°
Plate material evaluating cellA-011951
PTFE cell (body &base)
Screw 20 mm
Purging tube, 1 m
Pt counter electrodeA-002222
O-rings (10 pieces)A-012022
RE-1B Reference electrode Ag/AgCl for aqueous electrolyteA-012167
RE-7N Ag/Ag+ Reference electrode for non aqueous electrolyteA-013848

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