Counter electrodes

We offer several materials and size for the counter electrodes. When choosing the counter electrode care must be taken in the electrode area, which should not be lower than the working electrode area, otherwise the counter becomes a limiting factor for the flowing current. The counter electrodes are divided in two categories: small and large, the same way the reference electrodes or the cells are divided.



Catalog No.MaterialMeshDimensions/cmWire Ø/mmSurf. Area/cm²Purpose
Pt wireN/A5.70.5~ 0.7SVC-2, VC-4, plate material evaluating cell
Pt wire with PEEKN/A50.5~ 0.7SVC-3
Pt coilN/A4.5 (23 coiled)0.5~ 3.6RRDE-3A, bulk electrolysis, SVC-3
A-012638AuN/A4.5 (23 coiled)0.5~ 3.6RRDE-3A, bulk electrolysis, SVC-3
A-012639NiN/A4.5 (23 coiled)0.5~ 3.6RRDE-3A, bulk electrolysis, SVC-3
Pt gauze electrode with PEEK802.5 x 3.50.08~ 22.9
A-702439Pt wire 54 mm802.5 x 3.50.08~ 22.9Flat cell
Pt gauze electrode80height : 5
Ø : 4
0.12~ 47.4Bulk electrolysis
A-002251Au gauze electrode with PEEK1002.5 x 3.50.07~ 29
A-010530CarbonN/Aheight: 5.5
ID : 3
OD : 3.8
0.510.5 cm²/cm³Bulk electrolysis

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