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SCAN-Lab Technical Notes 14: Height Tracking Inputs for SKP Investigations

Latest updated: February 17, 2021


In this application note, the use of Height Tracking – Scanning Kevin Probe (HT-SKP) is investigated. When performing HT-SKP on the M370 or M470 the sample topography is obtained from one of three experiment types:

1. Capacitive Height Measurement (CHM)
2. Capacitive Tracking Measurement (CTM)
3. Non-contact Optical Surface Profiler (OSP)

CHM and CTM are both SKP based topography techniques and have been extensively compared in Scan-Lab AN#1. The methods for using these topography inputs will be outlined and the resulting measurements compared. Finally, guidelines for the topography input file used for a height tracking measurement will be given. While this application note focuses on SKP, many of the guidelines provided will be applicable to the other height tracking measurements available on Scan-Lab systems.

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