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EC-Lab & BT-Lab graphic customization – Battery – Application Note 26

Latest updated: August 31, 2021


The aim of this application note is to demonstrate the power and usefulness of the EC-Lab and EC-Lab Express graphical representations. Applications such as RDE voltammetry and battery discharging are used as examples for creating custom graphs using some of the 24 mathematical functions available in the Graph Properties menu to process the acquired data. With the right graphical presentation, other analysis tools such as wave analysis and linear fit can be utilized to extrapolate critical kinetic parameters.



A good graphical representation makes the understanding of the data easier. EC-Lab® andEC-Lab® Express software provides a trace processing tool (Fig. 1) which allows the user
to customize its own traces.

Figure 1: Traces process windows. Figure 2: Mathematical functions available in the calculator.24 mathematical functions (Fig. 2) are available (button “more” of the calculator) for writing the mathematical expression of X-, Y1- or Y2-axis.

In this application note, some examples of graphic customization are shown in various field of electrochemistry.


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