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Calibration kit for BCS-800 series

BCS-CAL is an automated calibration kit for the BCS-800 series.

Calibration kit for BCS-8xx series

Instrument calibration is paramount for ensuring accuracy and generating valid, defensible data.

Requirements for calibration can vary. Be it to ensure the credibility of instruments’ reading or to comply with internal or agency QA/QC requirements, battery testers’ calibration is a must. It provides measurement consistency of all available channels, critical for large battery testing installations.

BCS-CAL is an automated calibration kit for the BCS-8xx series. It has been designed to perform fast verification and calibration, and outputs NIST traceable certificates.


Key features: 

  • Fast
  • Automated
  • NIST traceable certificate
  • Transportable



Why is calibration important?

The accuracy of all measuring devices degrade over time and use.

To maintain Bio-Logic renowned measurement accuracy, we highly recommend regular calibration.

When you acquire Bio-Logic BCS-CAL kit, you know you’re getting the most accurate and dependable equipment and software for your metrology and calibration requirements.


What does BCS-CAL do?

  • Checks compliance (verification)
  • Calibrates channels to factory specifications
  • Edits PDF NIST-traceable calibration certificate
  • Provides XML calibration data


30′ calibration turnaround:

  • Less than 30 min per module (8 channels)
  • One module calibration can be performed while other are performing battery test


Calibration software

The intuitive BCS-CAL software fully automates the calibration process through computer monitoring. It also edits calibration data and NIST traceable certificates for your instrument.


Quality & Consistency

Software automation ensures calibration is performed exactly the same way by multiple operators in multiple locations, and over time. It improves quality of your results, reduces errors and standardizes methods.


A comprehensive kit that include:

  • A calibrated 7 ½ digit DVM
  • A calibrated thermocouple simulator
  • Cells cables for BCS-805-810 and BCS-815
  • BCS-CAL software
  • Power and connection cables
  • A travelling case


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