Quartz Crystal Microbalance


Small and mighty

The BluQCM QSD is a single channel, compact and modular instrument. Its low footprint and lightweight makes it particularly suitable for crowded labs. It is available as standalone, with temperature control or/and flow control.

The flexibility of the BluQCM QSD is relevant to both electrochemically-driven mass-weighing applications (electroplating/corrosion, electrode modifications) and the more advanced studies of solid/liquid interfaces (interface rheology, biomolecular interactions).
Simultaneous measurements can be performed of up to 7 overtones (fundamental included) enabling a complete determination of the layers’ properties. Measurements in air, gas, and liquid are possible.
A fast acquisition rate increases mass sensitivity. And patented quick-lock sensor cells facilitate set-ups as well as increase the reproducibility of experiments.
All that, and you can control all coupled instruments, including potentiostat/galvanostats, with the same software for eQCM experiments.



AWS Suite® is the software controlling the BluQCM products.

It enables the user to manage the entire experiment. One interface manages both the acoustic and electrochemical interface, and can provide flow management as well if needed. Moreover, an analysis package is also available to process the data on-line.

Specifications and ordering information


Catalog n°
QSD-300 AW-QSD-300
QSD-FCU (Standard flow) AW-QSD-FCU
QSD-FCUS (Smooth flow) AW-QSD-FCUS


General function
Operation modes Tracking1 and high resolution2 at single and multiple overtones
Sensors technologies QCM, HFF-QCM, Love SAW
Cells available See link
Liquid volume above sensor 3 – 25 μL (depending on sensor and cell type)
Temperature control Optional (QSD-TCU)
Measurement in air Yes
Simultaneous overtones measurements Up to 7 (up to 13th)
Frequency range/MHz 4 – 160
Best frequency resolution/Hz 0.1
Best frequency accuracy/Hz +/- 0.5
Max. acquisition rate3/ points/s 250
Best mass sensitivity in liquid4/pg/cm² 50
Best dissipation sensitivity 10-7
Dimensions (HxWxD)/mm 90 x 220 x 260
Weight/ kg 3

1 Tracking mode provides the full impedance spectrum of the sensor around resonance frequency

2 Patented fast and high-resolution single frequency point measurement

3 High-resolution mode at single frequency



General function
Max. flow rate range/μL/min 0.6250 – 290 000 (Standard)

0.0313 – 21 250 (Smooth)

Flow rate range for a 250 μL syringe/μL/min 12.5 – 14 500 (Standard)
0.625 – 1 062.5 (Smooth)
Dimensions (H x W x D)/mm 195 x 70 x 250
Weight/kg 0.75


General function
Temperature control range/°C 15 – 45
Temperature stability/°C ±0.05
Dimensions (H x W x D)/mm 60 x 220 x 260
Weight/kg 4.5

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