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EC-Lab Technical Notes 12: Low current N’Stat box installation (VMP2, BiStat, VSP, VMP3)

Latest updated: August 16, 2021


The Low current N’ stat box is an option has specifically been designed for use with the VMP3 family of instruments. The Low current N’ stat box (Fig. 1) allows the user to connect eight working electrodes with one counter and one reference electrode via eight low current boards. This box is different from the standard N’Stat box because low current boards require a specific connection. The N’Stat Box requires a power connector on the instrument for reference electrode buffering. This power connector is standard for VMP3 and VMP2 delivered after December 2003. VMP2s delivered before December 2003 are not equipped with a power supply connector in the front panel and the second part of this note describes how to install the power connector in these instruments. For VSP and BiStat, the internal power board does not fit the chassis and an external power connector should be purchased (092-16/1).

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EC LAB TN12 Low current N Stat box installation VMP2 BiStat VSP VMP3

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