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EC-Lab Technical Notes 48: The |ΔSoC| limit

Latest updated: June 13, 2022

Since EC-Lab® 11.40 and BT-Lab® 1.73, it is possible for certain techniques, to set a limit in |ΔSoC|. This allows the user to perform partial charge/discharge on the battery and study the battery state at various SoCs (State of Charges).


The following is a list of concerned techniques:


  • ModuloBat (MB): the limit is available with all techniques within MB except EIS, Rest, Trigger, Loop and Internal resistance determination techniques
  • CCCV Cycling: the limit is available both in the CC and the CV steps
  • All GCPL techniques: the limit is available as a global limit on the whole technique (ie the Constant Current (CC) and (Constant Voltage) steps)


For full details please download the application note below.

EC-Lab® BT-Lab® ModuloBat CCCV Cycling GCPL ΔSoC

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EC-Lab/BT-Lab – Technical Note #48 ΔSoC limit_SoC

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