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EC-Lab Technical Notes 27: SAM-50 : Module for measurements on stack of 50V

Latest updated: March 1, 2022


This Technical Note gives details of the installation process for connecting the SAM-50 to stacks. The SAM-50 (Sense Adapter Module – 50 V; Fig. 1) is designed to perform measurements on stacks of batteries, fuel cells and photovoltaic cells in series. There are two principal advantages for using SAM-50. The first is is that it enables easier connection to the stack (only three leads are necessary, Ref1, Ref2 and Ref3). Note that the SAM-50 has to be connected to the slave channels.  It also enables users to handle stacks up to 50 V (If LB-2000 is connected to the master channel of the multichannel device)…

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