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EC-Lab Technical Notes 26: How to configure an experiment with a platinum temperature probe?

Latest updated: August 16, 2021


This Technical Note illustrates how to configure experiments needing a platinum temperature probe. The temperature measurement along with electrochemical investigations is often required, especially in the field of battery testing in which temperature is a safety parameter. A platinum probe has been developed by BioLogic (PN: 092-22/13). When connected to the auxiliary input/output connector of the potentiostat/galvanostat board, this probe allows the user to continuously monitor battery temperature. The aim of this technical note is to help the user to set up an experiment using the PT100 temperature probe (Fig. 1). Fig. 1: Platinum temperature probe. The configuration of the experiment is carried out in two steps: Connection of the device to the instrument. Configuration of the user-interface.

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EC LAB TN26 How to configure an experiment with a platinum temperature probe

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