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EC-Lab Technical Notes 13: Long cell cables

Latest updated: August 16, 2021


The cell cable is critical to a potentiostat’s accuracy. In general, the shorter the cable, the better the measured result will be. For the MPG and VMP which are delivered with 2.5 m cell cables, the accuracy lost with a longer cable is slight. So, these instruments will not be considered in this Technical Note. Cables for SP-300 and SP-200 are also not considered in this note, as these cables are slightly different to those used with VMP3 technology. For the other instruments (BiStat, VMP2, VMP3, VSP, SP-150, SP-50,), the specifications are given for the standard 1.5 m cable. Following several requests, other cables lengths have also been tested. These tests, which are used as examples, were carried out with a VMP2 with 2.5, 4, and 10 m cell cables. The results of our tests outlined in this Technical Note. Cable used: 1.5 meter cell cable 2.5 meter cell cable 4 meter cell cable 10 meter cell cable.

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EC LAB TN13 Long cell cables

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