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EC-Lab Technical Notes 10: “p” low current option: installation and calibration

Latest updated: August 16, 2021


This Technical Note intends to help the user install and calibrate a “p” low current board in one of the instruments of the VMP3 family (VMP2, BiStat, VMP3, VSP, SP-150). The note will describe the physical installation of four “p” Low Current Option boards in a VMP2 with 4 standard channels and how to calibrate the boards with EC-Lab® software. The low current option is a board that must be coupled to a standard channel board. The low current board can not work independently from a standard board. When an instrument is delivered with low current boards, the user needn’t follow this calibration procedure. The instrument is already ready for use. The procedure described in this document is aimed at users who want to add low current options to an existing instrument.

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EC LAB TN10 p low current option installation and calibration

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