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EC-Lab Technical Notes 09: Various connection modes Part I: Ewe vs. Ece control in the standard mode

Latest updated: August 16, 2021


As well as the traditional connection where the channel cable connects to the electrochemical cell (figure 1) with five leads, it may be necessary to set up another connection mode. For example, in the case of layered materials (electrochromic materials, intercalated compounds) with a reference electrode introduced between two active layers, a specific connecting mode could be useful to study the behavior of the two active materials vs. the reference electrode during a potential sweep. The aim of this Technical Note is to describe two other connection modes. The first one in the standard mode can be very useful when studying the behavior of two electrode materials (working and counter) during a potential sweep or a current step. The second can be used in the “CE to Ground” mode when the user wants to control the potential of several working electrodes connected together.

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EC LAB TN9 Various connection modes Part 1 Ewe vs. Ece control in the standard mode

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