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Your new potentiostat: unboxing, setup and settings for your first measurement

Latest updated: March 28, 2022

Setting up your new potentiostat

This short, easy-to-follow video series will show you exactly how quickly and easily you can set up your BioLogic potentiostat, using the example of the BioLogic SP-150e (the principles of these setup videos, however, apply to all instruments in the Essential and Premium ranges).  Three videos are included on this page which will take you through the processes for unboxing, setup, and key settings necessary for your first measurement and an initial check-up of your potentiostat.



Part one: Unboxing
Everything you can expect to find when you unbox your new BioLogic potentiostat



Part two: Setup
Cable connections for your new BioLogic potentiostat



Part three: Check-up/Initial measurement
Adding a dummy cell, the installation process for EC-Lab, connecting your device on EC-Lab, ethernet connection, and an initial cyclic voltammetry test.

SP-150e Potentiostat setup New instrument Setup procedure Essential Premium

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