Battery Cyclers.

From research to industry

BioLogic’s battery cycler line-up is made up of two complementary ranges of instruments, the high throughput BCS-900 Series battery cyclers and the R&D grade MPG-200 Series battery testers.

The result is a powerful, modular system able to keep up with the demands of a fast-paced research field. From industry to academia and quality control to certification.
BCS-900 Brochure

BCS-900 series Battery Cyclers.

The best combined performance and user experience

Building on BioLogic’s established reputation for reliable instrumentation, the BCS-900 Battery Cycler represents a revolutionary leap forward. This system merges unmatched performance with a user-centric design. At its core lies the groundbreaking BT-Lab® Suite software, the latest innovation in battery testing technology.

BT-Test™ integrates cutting-edge features that empower researchers with unparalleled control and flexibility in designing, running and monitoring cycling experiments. Researchers can effortlessly manipulate variables to tailor experiments to their exact specifications, ensuring the generation of highly accurate and insightful data.

For demanding battery data processing, in-depth and automated analysis is completed with BT-Analysis™. Analyses are tailored to specific needs with unmatched flexibility. Access to critical data anytime, anywhere – online or offline – ensures key data is never missed.


Get superior performance in battery testing software.

For cycling control, acquisition and monitoring

  • Application oriented interface
  • User-friendly grid
  • Manage variables for test automation
  • Flexible user management for confidentiality

Test run monitoring and acquisition

  • Global view of channel status
  • Local and remote setup and monitoring
  • Activity log access
  • On-the-fly test modifications
  • Live data display
  • Flexible text export

BT-Analysis™ .

Get maximum efficiency with automated batch data processing.

Automated and flexible test analysis

  • Online and off-line data access
  • Application oriented graphs, tables and statistical tools
  • Refresh displays of multiple sets of data in real time
  • Display data in multiple formats including cycles, loops

Test reporting and export

  • Generate displays for reports during tests
  • Flexible and customizable graph formatting
  • Recipes for automatic graph and table generation
  • Export tables and formatted graphics

Our range of Battery cyclers .

An instrument for every possible need
Research grade battery cycler

High-precision, highly-stable battery cyclers that feature advanced EC techniques, five electrode connections and powerful analysis tools. MPG Battery Testers give users real reference electrode management, making them perfect instruments for research and development applications.

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Ultra-precision battery cycler

Modularity, accuracy and precision, three words defining the ultra-precision battery cyclers. From R&D to pilot production, from production testing to quality control, the BCS-900 series is designed to meet the needs of every level of the battery value chain.

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MPG & BCS battery cycler Series. Which one best suits your needs?

The MPG battery tester series:
Precision, stability and high-end analysis – perfect for in-house R&D or academia

Precision, stability, and advanced EC (electrochemical) techniques and analyses are the keywords that define BioLogic’s MPG range of battery cyclers. These instruments stand out for their 7 current ranges and their negative voltage as well as ultra-fast acquisition times. This, and the fact that they are the only battery cyclers on the market to give users a real reference electrode management make them perfect instruments for research and development applications.

Real workhorses, MPG battery testers will run and run with minimal maintenance, delivering results with unparalleled levels of quality and precision.

This range of benchtop R&D grade battery cyclers runs off EC-Lab® software, an industry benchmark in electrochemistry control software, so you can easily transition from BioLogic’s potentiostat/galvanostats to battery cycling without having to familiarize yourself with new software.

The BCS battery cycler range: Modularity, flexibility and power
Perfect for Industry or academics requiring high-quality, high-throughput performance when using a battery cycler.

Modularity, flexibility, and high-end analytical performance are the keywords that define the BCS-900 battery cycler series: a highly modular, state-of-the-art, battery cycling system built for industry. This rackable, high-throughput system will enable you to carry out multiple experiments on the same instrument, helping you to reduce capital outlay for R&D infrastructure. And with 8 channels per module, a voltage range of 0-9/10 V, and integrated EIS, the BCS-900 battery cycler series will answer all your battery testing needs.

The BCS-900 series Battery Cyclers feature BT-Lab® Suite software, the latest advancement in battery testing technology. This groundbreaking software integrates state-of-the-art features to enhance control, monitoring, and analysis capabilities for rigorous battery testing applications.

Ensuring the utmost reliability in cycling procedures, continuous monitoring throughout testing is provided by our embedded BT-Test™, guaranteeing consistent and accurate results. Efficiency in data analysis is further optimized through the advanced BT-Analysis™ software, enabling rapid and insightful interpretation of complex datasets. Specifically engineered for battery testing, essential features, such as native EIS, provide researchers and engineers comprehensive tools to delve deeper into battery performance and behavior.

Why choose BioLogic Battery Cycler.

Run safe and reliable tests

The BCS-900 series is the only battery cycler on the market with an on-board SSD drive, featuring a dedicated and embedded operating system and local storage redundancy, guaranteeing that demanding data processing needs are met. Test integrity is ensured with automatic or manual actions, defined with safety limits and built-in security features. Remote or on-site real-time updates are available - without needing to connect the system to a PC.

Comprehensive from test to analysis

Starting with a turnkey installation, the BCS-900 series has an application-oriented design. Higher fidelity is guaranteed with features like fully integrated EIS analysis and flexible and automated Test Plan settings. The Recipes feature automatically generates graphs and tables that users can display in overlays, allowing for simultaneous data analysis.

Adapt to evolving needs

Flexibility and modularity are key, with the BCS-900 each cabinet can be customized for modular setup to meet the user’s specific needs. Users can combine BCS-900 modules and achieve measurements ranging from a few µA up to 120 A, while maintaining high precision for every current range.