Single and multiple cell Peltier temperature controller.

MOS-500 accessory

Peltier temperature controller for precise and rapid temperature control of the cell when using the MOS-500

Single-cell Peltier Temperature controller

The MOS-500  can be equipped with an optional Peltier temperature controller for precise and rapid temperature control of the cell. The temperature of the Peltier element is regulated according to the real temperature of the cell for smooth control without overshoot. The measured temperature corresponds exactly to the target temperature without any gradient due to the distance between the Peltier and the cell.

Temperature ramping is easily programmable from Biokine software. At each temperature step a CD spectrum can be measured automatically. For single wavelength thermal stability studies it is also possible to directly measure the CD signal versus temperature to determine thermodynamic properties of a protein (Tm, ΔCp, ΔS).

Multi-cell Peltier Temperature controller

The MOS-500  can be fitted with a 4-cell Peltier temperature controller (turret) for precise temperature regulation of up to four samples. Each cell has its own magnetic stirrer. The operating range is -40°C to 105°C using a circulating chiller unit. The Multi-cell temperature controller is fully controlled from Biokine software, including cell position in the beam, temperature ramping, or single temperature scans.


  • Full software control
  • 0.01°C precision
  • Magnetic stirring standard
  • Temperature range: -10°C to 110°C or -40°C to 105°C
  • The temperature of the cell and Peltier can both be measured
  • Easy programming

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