Near IR.

Near Infra-Red circular dichroism for mos-500

A device designed to increase the wavelength range of MOS-500 to 1,250 nm. This accessory includes a photomultiplier tube optimized for the NIR range, as well as a tungsten lamp.

Near-Infra Red Circular dichroism (NIR-CD)

The NIR option extends the wavelength range of MOS-500 to 1,250 nm. It includes a photomultiplier tube optimized for NIR range, and a tungsten lamp.

Conventional CD spectrometers based on prism monochromators are optimized to separate light in the far UV. However, the longer the wavelength, the worse the wavelength resolution, and it is impossible to work with small slits and to detect narrow CD peaks.

The same wavelength resolution from NIR to UV

Bio-Logic’s new wavelength focusing system with grating monochromators gives the user the same wavelength resolution over the full wavelength range. In the NIR region the MOS-500 offers 20 times better accuracy compared to a prism-based system.

A tungsten lamp adds to the better performance, since tungsten bulbs do not have sharp intensity peaks which makes lamp regulation difficult.


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