Essential Potentiostats

Low Current option.

Low Current (LC) option available for Bio-Logic’s Essential channels

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Lowers the base current range from 10 μA to 1 nA

A Low Current (LC) option is available for each channel of Bio-Logic’s Essential range instruments. This module lowers the base current range from 10 μA to 1 nA, thus the resolution of the low current option is 80 fA on the 1 nA full scale range.

The LC option consists of an additional board equipped along with a cable with a highly sensitivity in-line electrometer located close to the cell. This option takes up one slot of the potentiostat/galvanostat chassis.

This option is not compatible with the current booster option.


  • Extend the current range down to 1 nA.
  • Current range becomes 1 nA – 1 A

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