Electrode rotator

Electrode tips.

A wide range of RDE & RRDE tips available in both PEEK and PTFE bodies

A wide range of materials and sizes are available for electrode tips to be mounted on the BluRev products.

RDE & RRDE tips


The electrode material is inserted into a PEEK body to ensure an excellent chemical compatibility and an outstanding mechanical integrity. PTFE versions are also available for experiments requiring a high chemical resistance.

The required threading is a standard M6 threading, for an optimal mechanical transferability.


BioLogic provides a wide range of RDE and RRDE tips, composed of multiple materials from glassy carbon or platinum, to boron diamond dopped.

photo of rrde, rotating ring disk electrodes

Disk replaceable tips


This solution allows to put custom designed materials as working electrodes (disks) to perform RDE experiments.

A PEEK empty tip is available to perform experiments on 3 mm OD disks. The material is placed inside the empty tip by using a mounting tool kit and spacers: leak free solution.


More information is available inside the “Specifications” tab.

All standard tip bodies (M6 thread) are made of PEEK, but for experiments requiring a high chemical resistance, PTFE versions are also available.

All tips are polished to obtain a final roughness Ra of 50 nm (*Ra = 10 nm for the Boron Doped Diamond tip).


RDE tips (Disk electrodes)


Disk electrodesCatalog n°
Glassy Carbon (3 mm)094-GC/3
Glassy Carbon (5 mm)094-GC/5
Glassy Carbon, PTFE body (3 mm)094-PTFE-GC/3
Glassy Carbon, PTFE body (5 mm)094-PTFE-GC/5
Platinum (2 mm), 99.9 %094-Pt/2
Platinum, PTFE body (3 mm), 99.9 %094-PTFE-Pt/3
Gold (2 mm), 99.9 %094-Au/2
Gold, PTFE body (3 mm), 99.9 %094-PTFE-Au/3
Boron Doped Diamond (3 mm)
500 μm diamond layer
Typical Ra = 10 nm
Boron doping level between 500 and 1000 ppm
Titanium (3 mm), 99.9 %094-Ti/3
Silver (3mm), 99.9 %094-Ag/3
Aluminum (3 mm), 99.9 %094-Al/3
Copper (3 mm), 99.9 %094-Cu/3
Nickel (3 mm), 99.9 %094-Ni/3
Stainless steel (3 mm), 99.9 %094-316L/3


RRDE tips (Ring-Disk electrodes)


Ring-Disk electrodesCatalog n°
Glassy Carbon Ring & Disk (Nmax = 0.4626)094-GC-GC
Pt Ring (99.9 %) - Glassy Carbon Disk (Nmax = 0.4626)094-Pt-GC


Disk replaceable tips


Disk replaceable electrodesCatalog n°
Mounting tool kit094-DRE-KIT
3 mm PEEK empty tip094-DRE/3
Spacer kit (1x PEEK, 3x PTFE)094-SPACER-KIT
Polishing tip094-DRE-POLISH


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