New SP-50e/SP-150e: Essential Potentiostats for Electrochemists

SP-150e: The power to do more

Following the success of the VSP-3e and VMP-3e, the SP-50e and SP-150e are the latest additions to the “e” (standing for enhanced) range of potentiostats included in BioLogic’s Essential range.


An improved, updated version of the tried and tested SP-150, the SP-150e offers a variety of advantages over its predecessor. A key standout for the SP-150e is the ability to add a second channel to the potentiostat.  As a small, multichannel bipotentiostat, the addition of a second channel makes this electrochemical workstation particularly well suited to energy applications. The addition of a second channel opens up considerable scope for users especially in battery testing but also in general electrochemistry applications.


The advantages of EIS (Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy) as a non-destructive means of generating knowledge on battery systems are well-known and the technique is now considered an essential part of the electrochemist’s armory. With this in mind, the SP-150e now features three Quality Indicators: THD (Total Harmonic Distortion), NSD (Non-stationary distortion), and NSR (Noise to Signal Ration) to validate EIS measurements simply and easily in a frequency range of 1 MHz down to 10 µHz.


BioLogic instruments now feature more Quality Indicators than any other manufacturer and a detailed overview of their function and operation can be found in the following application note: THD, NSD & NSR – Electrochemistry, Battery & Corrosion – Application Note 64.


At a glance: The SP-150e

The BioLogic SP-150e is the only potentiostat available to the market today with native capability to reach 1 Amp and true high-current capability with available boosters, three EIS quality indicators (THD, NSD, NSR) for EIS validation and Ethernet compatibility for improved group-working.


Another way in which the SP-150e excels is through its extended current range. A native current range of 1 A to 10 µA (standard) can be taken down to 1 nA (with a low current module), but the potentiostat can also be taken up to 800 A with four FlexP0012 boosters giving the SP-150e unparalleled range.


This wide current range, quite simply, gives users the power to do more with their potentiostat galvanostat. The SP-150e potentiostat which, with its standard configuration, is ideally suited to fundamental research, can easily be adapted to specialist applications such as high-power battery testing.  The second channel gives users a dual channel system where two different experiments can be performed on two different measuring channels. It also means the potentiostat can be used for RRDE (Rotating Ring Disk Electrodes) for collecting and studying homogeneous bulk reactions of intermediate species produced on the RRDEs disk (applications include: fuel cells, hydrogen production, electrochemical sensing, depollution).


The SP-150e potentiostat can also be easily upgraded by the user in his/her own laboratory, there is no need to send it back to the factory to add a module or new channel. These high levels of modularity mean the potentiostat can grow with your research needs. You won’t need to buy another potentiostat, if your needs change, you can just update the SP-150e quickly and easily in your own lab.


For more information and the full specification of the SP-150e, please click here.



The SP-50e: a cost-effective potentiostat with advanced functionality

A single-channel instrument, well known in both educational and academic circles, the SP-50e can be configured with the same EIS frequency range as its big brother, the SP-150e (1 MHz down to 10 µHz) together with Quality Indicators for quick and easy validation of impedance measurements.

Powered by EC-Lab® the SP-50e is a cost-effective potentiostat that does not compromise on quality. The instrument offers a wide range of functionality including EIS and Quality Indicators for validating measurements that potentiostat users would normally expect to find on high-end instruments. Ethernet connectivity (also available on the SP-150e ) enables users to control multiple potentiostats from the same computer, or share one instrument amongst different team members.   Users can exploit the myriad of advantages of EC-Lab® on the SP-50e, including an integrated graphics package, the ability to adapt measurements “on-the-fly” (no-need to plan experiments), Z-Fit EIS modeling, and over 80 preset electrochemical & 10 logical techniques as well as the option to plan customized measurements.


At a glance: The SP-50e

  • Control voltage: ±10 V
    Current ranges: 1 A to 10 µA (standard)
  • EIS Frequency range: 1 MHz down to 10 µHz
  • Ethernet connectivity for improved group working


The perfect instrument for education and general electrochemistry needs, the SP-50e stands out as a potentiostat that offers high-end functionality at a cost-effective price.


For more information and the full specification of the SP-50e please click here.

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