A cost-effective potentiostat with advanced functionality

A robust, single channel, general purpose potentiostat perfect for both general electrochemistry research needs as well as teaching.

A robust, single-channel, general-purpose electrochemical workstation, the SP-50e is perfectly suited to both general electrochemistry research needs as well as teaching.


A ±1 ampere capable range makes the SP-50e perfect for energy-based applications including battery, supercapacitor, fuel cell, and electrolysis research.


Powered by EC-Lab®, widely recognized by leading scientists as the benchmark control and analysis software for potentiostat / galvanostats, users are able to exploit a wide range of functions covering not just potentiostat control, but electrochemical analysis as well.


There is no need to split tasks across different software applications. Everything can be found in one place – simplifying your professional life, and saving you precious research time. All this, in a compact potentiostat with a reduced laboratory footprint, opening up space on the laboratory bench.


EC-Lab® – Benchmark potentiostat control and analysis software

Powerful, modular, and easy to use
The most powerful hardware is only as performant as the software that sits behind it. BioLogic’s EC-Lab® has earned itself the reputation as the benchmark for potentiostat control software based on a combination of intuitive control and analytic power.


  • Control voltage: ±10 V
  • Voltage resolution: 5 µV on 200 mV range
  • Compliance: ±10 V



  • Current ranges: 1 A to 10 µA (standard)
  • Maximum current: ±1 A
  • Current resolution: 0.760 nA



  • Frequency range: 1 MHz down to 10 µHz



  • Connection 2,3,4,5 terminal lead
  • Best acquisition time: 20 µs with OEM package
  • Stability control mode (7 bandwidths)

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