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Post-treatment and optimization of area scan experiments – Scanning Probes – Application Note 4

Latest updated: May 6, 2020


M470/M370 software contains many graphical tools that can be used to improve the way area maps look. Indeed, sometimes, time is not on our side and we want to scan many samples as fast as possible.



It may be the case that the time taken to setup and closely examine a sample can in-itself, be offputting to experimentation; after all, everyone works to deadlines. One method that can help alleviate the time investment is the ability to either enhance data or find data within a noisy signal. With this ability, quicker and coarser measurements can be made. This tech-note demonstrates the use of four data processing methods that are effectively instantaneous on today’s PCs, and are applied to data that was specifically set to acquire as fast (and noisy) as possible so that the overall time to find a result was reduced. The case demonstrated here is an SKP sample that is not particularly levelled and an instrument setup that has not been optimised to extract meaningful data. The result, as might be expected, is very poor. The data are then processed to reveal a small (few microns) indentation at the point near the centre of the scan. Once this is emphasised, a closer inspection is made for comparison purposes.


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