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IMVS investigation on photovoltaic cell (IMVS) – Photovoltaic – Application Note 30

Latest updated: August 31, 2021


This Application Note describes the experimental setup, data collection and data processing methods for measuring intensity-modulated photovoltage spectra of photovoltaic cells. An LED light source is powered by the potentiostat channel while the photovoltage of the PV cell is measured, simultaneously. The Staircase Galvano-EIS (SGEIS) Technique is used.



To carry out electrochemical investigations, several techniques are available. Among these techniques, Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) technique is intensively used.
This technique leads to kinetic characterizations. In EIS investigations, sinusoidal excitations are done by current or potential oscillations, respectively named galvano- or potentio-EIS. Depending on the  studied system, use of nonelectrical modulation can be useful [1-2]. Then, such techniques are no more called EIS but more generally transmittance spectroscopy. In the context of the photovoltaic cell (PV) characterization, it could be useful to measure the modulation of photovoltage or photocurrent in response to the modulation of incident light intensity [3-5].


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