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Photovoltaic Characterizations: Polarization and Mott Schottky plot – Photovoltaic – Application Note 24

Latest updated: August 31, 2021


This note describes basic photovoltaic characterization under illumination using the linear polarization (LP) technique. Calculations for short circuit current, open-circuit voltage, fill factor, power and efficiency are presented. In the second part, Mott Schottky measurements are described using the staircase electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (SPEIS) technique. From this, the semiconductor donor density (N) and flat band potential (EFB) are calculated. An equivalent circuit is used to fit the data and extract resistance and capacitance as a function of potential for the photovoltaic.



With the greenhouse effect and the increase in the price of energy, new ways to produce energy are intensively developed. They include fuel cells, biofuel cells, nuclear, biomass, wind power, and photovoltaic. Among all these renewable energies, photovoltaic power seems very promising. Indeed, only 0.2% of the solar energy which touched the Earth surface will be sufficient to produce energy for all world [1,2]. A lot of work is performed in this field in order to improve the efficiency of such an energy supply.


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