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Electrodeposition of MoSx: Tunable Fabrication of Sulfur Equivalent Electrodes for High Capacity or High Power

Latest updated: April 13, 2021

DOI: https://doi.org/10.1149/1945-7111/ab717d

Authors: Qiyuan Wu, Alyson Abraham, Lei Wang, Xiao Tong, Esther S. Takeuchi, Kenneth J. Takeuchi and Amy C. Marschilok



In this study, amorphous MoSx electrodes were fabricated by a facile one step electrodeposition method as sulfur equivalent cathode structures for lithium based batteries. By modifying the deposition conditions, the physical, chemical, and resulting electrochemical properties of MoSx were manipulated to achieve either higher energy delivery or higher power delivery. MoSx deposited at anodic potential (MoSx-AD) showed a higher initial capacity of 900 mAh g−1 attributed to its higher sulfur content. In contrast, MoSx deposited at cathodic potential (MoSx-CD) exhibited a lower initial capacity of 500 mAh g−1 with improved cycling stability up to 100 cycles and significantly improved rate capability attributed to its higher conductivity and improved Li+ transport properties.


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