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Electrical characterization of a ceramic with MTZ-35 and HTSH-1100 test fixture – Material Science – Application Note 1

Latest updated: July 1, 2022


Impedance spectroscopy is a poweful and non destuctive method for characterization of electrical properties of material.
In this note the electrical properties of 5 mol% yttria Stabilized Zirconia (ZrO2)1-x (Y2O3)x with x= 0.05 have been investigated by impedance spectroscopy in the temperaturre range 600°C-900°C using MTZ-35, HTF-1100 and HTSH-1100. Bulk, grain boundary and total conductivity vs. inverse temperature were plotted. The activation energy associated with each conduction mechanism was also determined.



Impedance spectroscopy is a powerful and non-destructive method for characterization of electrical properties of materials. These properties can also be temperature dependent, which necessitates a temperature control unit and sample holder for accurate and complete characterization. Yttria Stabilized Zirconia system was chosen as an example of solid electrolyte material for this note. This ceramic is commonly used as an electrolyte material in solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) and electrochemical sensors [1-2].


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