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Supercapacitors investigations Part I: Charge/discharge cycling (DC characterization) – Supercapacitor – Application Note 33

Latest updated: August 26, 2021


Supercapacitors are energy storage devices providing high power densities with a quick charge-discharge regime. Their characteristics can be determined using many electrochemical protocols: cyclic voltammetry, constant current charge/discharge method, and Impedance method.
In this application note, the capacitance of an Electrical Double-layer Capacitor (EDLC) was measured using cyclic voltammetry. The energy density versus power density (Ragone plot) of the supercapacitor was plotted using constant power discharge technique.



Among all the system dedicated to energy storage, supercapacitors are one of the most promising especially for powering electronic devices. This application requires indeed an energy storage device able to provide many charge/discharge and short term pulses (A typical shape of current pulses is displayed in Fig. 1). These requirements are in agreement with the intrinsic characteristics of the supercapacitor…


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