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BT-Lab technical note 50: BCS-800 & BT-Lab®: Best Practices for long-term testing

Latest updated: April 19, 2024

More and more tests focus on long-term testing. Some take several days, however; for battery testing, they can last weeks or months. With BioLogic instruments, the test protocol is recorded inside the instrument at the beginning of the test to ensure it functions independently, the computer’s role is to record the data, analyze it and display it.


During this type of test, it is important that data transfer should not be interrupted- a factor that can only be ensured with high-quality communication between the computer and software.


This technical note has been written to prevent the user from experiencing communication issues on BioLogic instruments, running EC-Lab® but more specifically for battery testing with the BCS-800 instruments using BT-Lab® software.


This technical note will focus on several key points: connection to instruments, connection to the PC, and sampling and display.
If the instrument is properly connected, with the right parameters for the right test, communication issues will be significantly reduced.


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