Coin Cell Holders


Single coin cell holder

These easy-to-use single coin cell holders are available for two coin cell diameters : 20 and 24 mm. The maximum thickness of the coin cells that can be held is 3.2 mm.

These single coin cell holders are designed to be used with BCS-805 and BCS-810. The connection is made very easy by a bespoke adapter. Furthermore, thanks to 2 mm receptacles on the holders, instruments that have cables with 2 mm terminals can also be connected.

Specifications and ordering information

CCH-120 CCH-124
Cell max diameter/mm 20 24
Cell height/mm 3.2 3.2
Number of channels 1 1
Measurement type 2 point 2 point
Specifically designed for BCS-805, BCS-810
Can be used with All instruments
Climatic chamber compatibility No No
Catalog No 096-120 096-124

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