BluRev Enclosure

Keep it steadier

The BluRev Enclosure is a multi-purpose lab accessory specifically designed for BioLogic instruments. The BluRev electrode, the cell and the cell cables are firmly held to maximise the stability, the reproducibility and the safety of all your steady-state experiments with a rotating electrode. Keep it steadier !

The BluRev is the perfect companion for your experiments with BluRev rotating electrodes. It comes with a very sturdy metal base with two poles that can be set a wide range of positions on your plate, to ensure a high flexibility. One pole is used to fix the cell, using a standard clamping nut. The other pole is provided with a bespoke clamping flange, specially designed to firmly hold the BluRev rotating electrodes. Three half-clamps are also provided to hold the cables or the electrometers of your Bio-Logic potentiostat. Finally, a protective housing is provided to ensure a maximum protection.

The BluRev enclosure was designed to host EL-ELECTRO cells. Please note that an alternative cap will be needed, that is compatible with BluRev electrodes. You can either order EL-BLUREV, which is an El-ELECTRO-1 kit with an adapted cap cell, or order separately the compatible cell under the reference 094-A-CAP.

Specifications and ordering information

094-ENCL: BluRev Enclosure

EL-BLUREV: EL-ELECTRO-1 cell with compatible cap for BluRev rotating electrodes.

094-A-CAP: compatible cap for EL-ELECTRO cells


. A metal base plate with M6 threaded holes and its painted metal frame

. Two poles

. A clamping flange to hold the BluRev rotating electrodes

. Three half-clamps

. A protective housing in Plexiglas


Dimensions with protective housing (HxWxD)/mm: 287 x 318 x 308

Weight (with protective housing)/kg: 5.3

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