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dc-SECM and the SECM150

Latest updated: August 9, 2023

Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy (SECM) is the most popular local electrochemical measurement technique. Using SECM it is possible to map the local electrochemical activity of a sample. This is in contrast to bulk electrochemical measurements which reflect an average of the sample activity and can require complex data analysis to determine local information. SECM has been used to measure everything from living cells to fuel cells.

The SECM150 is BioLogic’s latest addition to its family of local electrochemical techniques. This dc-SECM only instrument has been designed with high resolution, fast scanning in mind. It is ideal for a wide range of application areas including catalysis, biology, corrosion, materials, and green energy.

More information about dc-SECM and its use on the SECM150 can be found in our latest document available for download. In this document, the principle of operation of dc-SECM is addressed, alongside some of the most common experiment types. The SECM150 is introduced with key specifications, and application areas covered.


To find out more about the SECM150 please visit its product page.

SECM SECM150 catalysis biology corrosion materials green energy dc-SECM local electrochemical activity

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