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AWS64 Suite®


Powerful software for QCM/eQCM experiments

AWS Suite® is the software specifically designed for use with AWS measurement platforms. It is also capable of configuring, controlling and coupling measurements from compatible BioLogic potentiostats/galvanostats to perform eQCM measurements. The software is only compatible with 64-bit Windows computers from version 4.x.


Effortless management of multiple/different devices

AWS Suite® has a user-friendly design that facilitates the management of multiple devices, including the BluQCM QSD with temperature and flow control, and BioLogic potentiostats/galvanostats, from a single interface view. The software allows remote access to devices by IP address within the network.


Intuitive management of projects, experiments, and analyses

AWS Suite® organizes all the data in a simple file system for the creation and management of projects. The software guides the user, helping him/her create and configure QCM and eQCM experiments, as well as manage the application of modeling tools for data analysis.


User-friendly displays and modeling tools

For an improved user experience, graphic displays containing tools,  and simple computations are featured, in addition to an electronic notebook available in every experiment to keep records of additional information within the experiment file.


Easy access to experiment configuration, data and visualization

AWS Suite® allows the user to revisit and visualize experiment configuration, data clearly and simply, as well as import the previous experiments’ configuration for future projects.



From version 4.x, AWS Suite® is only compatible with 64 bit Windows computers


AWS Suite x64 - 5.1.9

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Version history

AWS Suite 64 - 5.1.9 (online March 07, 2024)


  • Multichannel management have been improved. All premium range instruments are now compatible eventhough multiple board are plugged inside.

AWS Suite 64 - 5.1.4 (online Feb 09, 2024)

Important information : all premium chassis are supported as long as only one board is plugged inside the instrument.



  • Compatible with new Premium boards.



  • Fix an issue when duplicating an experiment (restart).
  • Fix an issue linked to potentiostat techniques parameters.
  • Fix an issue about the syrringe volume written in the FCU module.

AWS Suite 64 - 5.1.1 (online May 22, 2023)


  • In the CA Advanced technique, the Q parameter has been added to the limits
  • Increased max RAM limit. Reading the available resources when launching or stopping the experiment.
  • New tool that manages calibrations.
  • Increased the number of supported calibrations.
  • Syringe purge is done at the maximum speed supported by the PSD installed in the FCU (standard or smooth).
  • Manual FCU control can be used while Infinite flow is paused.
  • In the Advanced panel, when clicking on a port, the same logic is followed as in the temperature: orange background, next update green background, next update normal background.
  • Added control for the FCU High Lift.
  • For FCU High Lift, the behavior of Load / Dispense in the injection valve that pressurizes has been modified. Now, the default is Load (Pressure). In this way, if the power goes out, when starting again the equipment stays in Pressure. With the original behavior, it could go to Bypass.
  • For FCU High Lift, the FCU LED indicates if the injection valve is in ‘Pressure’ or ‘Bypass’. In pressure, the LED color has changed from red to orange. The color tone of the ‘Pressure’ image has been changed to match the LED.



  • Security patch that manages platform credentials
  • Fixed management of the potentiostat timestamp for experiments of more than 26 hours
  • Added signal filtering and new tuning parameters to experiments in Tracking mode (side effect fix).
  • Improved handling of High-Resolution mode experiments when network performance has degraded a lot.
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