When electrochemistry meets indie-pop!

Mountain Mountain, a local indie-pop band is the latest addition to BioLogic’s local partnership programme.


Mountain Mountain has agreed to give BioLogic access to its entire back-catalogue. So do not be surprised if you hear their music as the backing track to some of our videos in the not so distant future! The partnership is a real win-win for both BioLogic and Mountain Mountain – giving BioLogic the opportunity to liven up its tutorials and product videos with bright, vibrant music and giving Mountain Mountain the opportunity to gain increased exposure through the BioLogic website.


Mountain Mountain is based around two creative cornerstones, the group’s multi-instrumentalist founders, Nicolas Baucheron and Sebastien Roux. The group’s ethereal style is evident in its latest release “The Whole Picture” (click here) promoted by local label, Sandmusic.


An album “AERIAL” is planned for release on February 5, 2021, and the band is currently taking pre-orders at


The band is the second organization to take part in BioLogic’s partnership program. The first partner, “Un Toit pour Tous”, is a local charity that aims to combat homelessness and provide accommodation for the estimated 1757 homeless in the Grenoble area (for more information see “A helping hand”).
BioLogic wishes this local band all the best for the future and we all look forward to hearing their new album.


For more information on Mountain Mountain, please visit the band’s website at

Mountain Mountain Local events Partnership programme

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