Shaping the future through internships and apprenticeships

BioLogic is committed to providing its interns and apprentices with the same opportunities and support as its full-time employees, fostering their professional growth and development. One example is the story of Anaëlle Varvat, an apprentice in the After-Sales Service department.

During her two-year work-study program, Anaëlle designed and developed a new instrument that significantly simplifies troubleshooting and measurements on circuit boards. Her contributions spanned the entire project, from drafting specifications to soldering components. This achievement was made possible through Anaëlle’s commitment and effective teamwork with colleagues in R&D, Production, and After Sales.

Anaëlle’s experience at BioLogic helped solidify her career aspirations. After successfully defending her BTS (Diploma Advanced Technician) thesis, she gained admission to Polytech Grenoble (a public engineering school) for her master’s degree and returned to BioLogic as a work-study student, this time in the R&D department. Anaëlle expressed her gratitude to the After-Sales Service, Industrialization, and Supplies departments for their guidance and support, stating, “That’s also why I wanted to stay because I’m well looked after. It’s great to continue improving.”

Anaëlle’s story highlights BioLogic’s dedication to providing interns and apprentices with the support and resources they need to develop their talent, gain practical experience, and pursue fulfilling careers in their chosen fields.

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