Discover BioLogic from the inside (Video)

[Pour voir la version française de la vidéo, cliquez ici]

Sometimes appearances are misleading. BioLogic is a discreet SME based in the Grenoble area of France, but it is also one of the world leaders on the electrochemical measurement market. BioLogic wanted to highlight the expertise of its teams, its know-how and the quality of its working conditions.

Our new corporate video, shot in our offices, with our employees, says what we are:

  • a modern, high-tech company, proud to bring together an enthusiastic and innovative team of experts;
  • a company offering complete solutions, measurement instruments and analysis software to help researchers and engineers shape the technologies of the future;
  • a reliable, robust company fully dedicated to its clients;
  • a company which is both international and close to its clients all over the world;
  • a company which looks to the future and has ambition.

After several weeks of preparation in collaboration with French agency Bproduction, three days of intense filming with our staff and a goldsmith’s work in post-production, we are proud to present the essence of our identity, the portrait of BioLogic in two minutes.

Enjoy the video!


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