BioLogic sponsors the Bath University EIS Summer School, July 2023

BioLogic is proud to be the new sponsor of the Bath University EIS Summer School, starting from 4th to 7th July 2023. This hands-on, intensive course is given by leading experts from Bath and Bristol, now in collaboration with BioLogic.

Having run practical EIS courses for over 20 years, the team at Bath University (United Kingdom) will share their wealth of experience during lectures, written material, and practical experiments. The goal of the course is to take beginners who have limited or no knowledge of EIS (Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy) to being proficient at understanding the technique, its uses, and theoretical roots.

A unique feature of the course is that delegates spend 70% of the time in the lab using multiple sets of BioLogic instrumentation (such as SP-300s), under the guidance of Bath University course demonstrators. A speaker from the company will also give a talk on the “specifics” of how BioLogic hardware and software operate, for EIS analysis particularly.

Bath University provides all presenters (other than BioLogic specific lecture), including a “guest lecturer” who will present their novel application of EIS. Lab assistants will be on hand all four days to enable experiments to run simultaneously with different groups.

All lectures (apart from the BioLogic specific and “guest” lectures) are developed by Bath University and are designed to link-in with the practical demonstrations. Hands-on experiments will be organized in groups of 3 or 4 delegates, depending on logistics. Delegates will work in small teams, following specific worksheets, to produce results which are generally then fitted using equivalent circuit analysis (BioLogic software Zfit/ZSim).

BioLogic will also be happy to host a course dinner at a local restaurant for all delegates and presenters.

University EIS sponsor Bath United Kingdom

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