BioLogic Enters Research Partnership with Collège de France and CNRS

BioLogic, the Collège de France, and the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) have signed a tripartite contract to develop a prototype instrument aimed at providing a deeper understanding of the electrochemical phenomena at the electrode-electrolyte interface in various rechargeable battery technologies, including sodium-ion, lithium-ion, and Zn-MnO2. This project aims to advance the next generation of energy storage solutions.
The significance of this collaboration lies in its potential to pave the way for sustainable, environmentally friendly batteries, “without creating a new environmental burden for future generations,” says Jean-Marie Tarascon, Professor of the “Solid State Chemistry and Energy” chair at the Collège de France and recipient of the 2022 CNRS Gold Medal for his pioneering work in understanding and creating lithium-ion batteries, and who will lead the project at the Collège de France, along with his colleague Ozlem Sel.

“With this project, we aim to equip researchers with the tools needed to better understand underlying mechanisms, accelerate development in France, and ensure our sovereignty in energy storage,” adds Hubert Perrot, director of the Interfaces and Electrochemical Systems Laboratory at CNRS.

BioLogic contributes its extensive experience to this collaborative effort, acting as a reliable partner in the pursuit of key discoveries. “Our involvement in this project reflects our commitment to providing researchers worldwide with the precise instruments needed to understand electrochemical behaviors within batteries,” states Bogdan Petrescu, BioLogic’s Chief Science and Technology Officer. “We hope to significantly accelerate the development of next-generation battery technology.”

Research and development have been central to BioLogic’s approach for the past 40 years.
Learn more on our dedicated anniversary web page.

BioLogic Research Partnership

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