BioLogic celebrates 40 years of innovation and commitment!

BioLogic was founded in December 1983, an adventure born of the ambition of a pioneer in molecular and cellular biology research, Yves Dupont, then a CNRS researcher, and a young entrepreneur from Grenoble, Philippe Cimadomo. At the time, Yves Dupont was keen to develop and market the measuring instruments he had developed for his own research (biochemistry, rapid kinetics and electrophysiology instruments), which were proving highly successful in laboratories.

In the early 1990s, BioLogic recognized the emerging digital revolution and pivoted towards electrochemistry. Since then, we have been developing instruments and software for fundamental electrochemistry research and the R&D of energy storage and conversion (particularly batteries and fuel cells).

BioLogic developed and industrialized the MacPile, a revolutionary instrument, which at the time, was the very first multi-channel potentiostat/galvanostat to connect to a computer (The famous Macintosh).

Discover the history of the battery research field and the role of BioLogic

Since then, BioLogic has enjoyed strong growth, averaging 15% a year since 2000. The company now counts 230 collaborators worldwide (including 180 in France, in the Grenoble region).

Proud of our heritage of innovation, expertise in the design and manufacture of instruments and software developed to serve our customers, BioLogic is fully committed to R&D that contributes to a more sustainable energy future.

Celebrating and sharing

40 years of history is, first and foremost, due to the extraordinary human endeavor of talented and dedicated men and women. This anniversary is an opportunity for us to say a big thank you to all those who have contributed to making BioLogic what it is today: our founders and pioneers, our partners, our collaborators and of course, all our loyal clients ❤

To mark the occasion of this exceptional anniversary, BioLogic has organized a series of events, ceremonies and commemorative actions throughout 2024.

The facade of our headquarters in Seyssinet-Pariset, near Grenoble, has been decorated, and one of the trams that runs through the Grenoble area has been decked out in the emblematic BioLogic colors. And this is just the beginning!


We invite all our industrial and institutional partners, clients and the general public to share our pride and enthusiasm at dedicated events throughout the year.

Join the BioLogic community!

– Discover our dedicated web page in english or in french. Explore our timeline of battery innovation (from Volta to today 😉) and how BioLogic’s technologies have evolved with changing needs. You can also discover our team in photos or download special wallpapers (for example, the one with the keyboard shortcuts for our EC-Lab®  and BT-Lab® softwares).

– Try your luck in our competition from February 4th to March 31st on LinkedIn. Lots of prizes to be won! (Rules are here)

– And follow us on LinkedIn for regular updates and exchange with us by commenting and sharing your memories, recent or old!

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