Big changes are coming: expansion project

Seven years ago, BioLogic moved into a brand-new building, combining both the factory and office space. With more than double the space as its previous location, François Goy, President of BLSI Tech (holding of BioLogic), was sure the new site would accommodate the expected growth for the next 15 years.

That was then…, now BioLogic is facing new transformations.

Since 2016, the number of staff working at headquarters in the Grenoble area has almost doubled, increasing from 74 to over 150 staff members. The rapid growth of the team requires more workspaces and offices, and the expansion of the dining and recreational areas.

After a two-year suspension due to Covid, the expansion project started afresh in 2022. Consultations with companies involved in demolition and construction were relaunched in November and all decisions were finalized at the beginning of January. We are now ready to begin work on the expansion of the building.

A 1900 m2 luminous and modern-style expansion on three levels of the building is planned. The new facilities include 110 m² per level of secure fire-proof laboratories, dedicated to instrument development and testing, as well as an additional bicycle parking lot. The factory will also undergo major changes: the logistics department has been moved to another building, so that the production department can occupy the entire production area.

This expansion project will change the daily routine at BioLogic France, but all teams have been reorganized and are prepared for the next 18-months. We all look forward to the completion of the new construction by summer 2024.

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