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In mid-December, BioLogic launched a new web portal More than just a website, is really a web portal that communicates a huge amount of information on BioLogic products and the scientific fields they concern, quickly and easily.


How will help me?
Learning Centre: The portal’s Learning Center is a scientific blog built around short, easy-to-read articles designed to help users in their professional lives. These articles are often linked to more detailed application notes, enabling readers to drill into the detail of the subject. Each article has been graded, to give you an idea of both its length and its level of complexity, thereby helping you to better manage your time. The Learning Centre covers four main themes, each of which represents a key BioLogic product portfolio.


Energy storage and conversion: From complex subjects such as EIS, to common-sense articles relating to best laboratory practice, the Learning Centre will communicate a wealth of valuable information related to this important scientific field.


Research electrochemistry: Generally made up of easy-to-read abstract-type articles, the Research electrochemistry area enables you to quickly peruse the different articles available and find exactly the right information for your needs before you move onto the detail of the application note.


Life sciences: A wide range of articles relating to BioLogic instruments used in this field including spectroscopy, stopped-flow, Scanning Probe solutions as well as potentiostat/galvanostats.


Material Science: General scientific articles relevant to the field of material characterization, material efficiency and performance, together with more practical “how-to” style articles giving tips and explaining how to optimize experiments relating to materials science.


We actively encourage our clients to suggest topics for articles, so if you have any ideas for new content that you would find helpful, please let us know via the website’s contact form.
We will add new articles to the blog on a monthly basis, so please remember to check back at regular intervals.


BioLogic Products:
We have grouped all product lines in a quick and easy-to-use “mega-menu” giving you a bird’s eye view of all the products designed and manufactured by BioLogic grouped by product range. We recognize that some of our product lines are quite complex, so we have added an overview, outlining each product family, to help new or potential clients.




A software and documentation tab is available for each product.

  • Software: quickly update your product’s software
  • Documentation: access application notes, white papers and citations relevant to your product


Support: This section gives you access to a wide variety of information by product name. Technical notes will help you connect or configure your instrument, but also help you troubleshoot issues, should they arise. Software updates are also available here together with instruction manuals. In short, whether you are a beginner, or an advanced user, the support section of the site groups all the information you need in the same place, so you can access it quickly.


Client area
Your own personal space within the site, the client area has been totally reworked in order to help our customers access the information they need more quickly. The registration process for new products has been simplified and you can now access all the documentation relevant to your product in this area. The client area is your “one-stop-shop” for all the information you need for your BioLogic product.

NOTE: In order to exploit this new functionality and increased security you will need to re-register on the site (even if you already had an account on our old site

Search functionality: This functionality has been improved and you can now specify which part of the site you want to search, increasing search precision and helping you to find the information you need more quickly. will grow and grow over the upcoming months and years as we add more and more technical and scientific content, so don’t forget to bookmark the site and return to it regularly.

In addition, as previously mentioned, we are keen to hear your feedback. Tell us what works, and what doesn’t with


And please let us know if you have any suggestions for content that you think would be helpful.

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