9th RSE SEE Symposium

We are pleased to announce our participation in the 9th Symposium on Electrochemistry in Southeastern Europe (RSE-SEE), which will be held in Novi Sad, Serbia. This esteemed event, hosted by the Electrochemical Division of the Serbian Chemical Society and the Faculty of Technology at the University of Novi Sad, will take place in the Rectorate building on the university’s verdant campus, adjacent to the Danube River.

The RSE-SEE symposium is a pivotal event that underscores the essential role of electrochemistry in modern society, with a particular emphasis on advancements within Southeastern Europe. The conference will cover a broad spectrum of topics, reflecting the diverse applications and innovations within the field of electrochemistry:

  • Electrochemistry at Interfaces: Investigations into thermodynamic, kinetic, and methodological aspects.
  • Electrochemistry of New Functional Materials: Emphasis on conducting polymers and composites.
  • Electrochemical Energy Storage: Developments in batteries, fuel cells, and supercapacitors.
  • Electrochemistry for Environmental Applications: Sustainable approaches to environmental challenges.
  • Analytical Electrochemistry: Advances in sensors and biosensors.
  • Electrocatalysis: Innovations in non-noble metal catalysts.
  • Nanoscale Electrochemistry: Exploring electrochemical processes at the nanoscale.
  • Organic and Bioelectrochemistry: Detailed studies of organic and biological systems.
  • Stability of Electrochemical Systems: Corrosion and corrosion prevention, with specific focus on nuclear power plants.
  • Electrodeposition and Electroplating: Mechanistic understanding of electrochemical deposition processes.
  • Electrochemical Instrumentation: Development of combined techniques for comprehensive analytical approaches.

We are particularly honored to announce that Dr. Nicolas Murer from our Innovation and Scientific Research team will present our recent progress in the study of non-stationary impedance. This presentation will highlight our cutting-edge research and our commitment to advancing the field of electrochemical science.

The RSE-SEE symposium represents an unparalleled opportunity for scientists, researchers, and industry professionals to engage in high-level discussions, share groundbreaking research, and foster collaborations. We look forward to contributing to the discourse and advancing the collective understanding of electrochemical phenomena.

We invite you to join us in Novi Sad for this significant scientific event and to partake in the exchange of knowledge and ideas that will drive future innovations in electrochemistry.

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