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Wide temperature range control -SFM-2000 series – Rapid kinetics – Application Note 20

Latest updated: May 6, 2020


Kinetics rate constants are dependent on the temperature necessitating the precise control of temperature to obtain accurate and repeatable results. The SFM-series have a single temperature circuit to maintain the same temperature for the driving syringes, delay lines, mixers, and the observation head eliminating temperature gradients using a standard circulating bath. The temperature regulation range can be extended to (-90°C to +160°C) depending on the options installed. The exact cell temperature of the system is displayed in Biokine software thanks to an optional temperature probe installed on the cuvette. This application note illustrates the performance of the SFM series of stopped flows under a wide temperature range (-20°C to +85°C) using the reduction of dinitrophenyl acetate by sodium hydroxide. Rate constants are measured at different temperature and quality of mixing is checked by observing linearity or resulting Arrhenius plots.


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