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UV cut offs due to volume and solution components – EkkO – Spectroscopy – Application Note 33

Latest updated: May 6, 2020


In this note, we present circular dichroism measurements of water, buffer, ()-lactoglobulin and Cytochrome C to address the volume and buffer dependent effects on the UV cut off wavelength for the EKKO CD MicroplateReader.



Generally, the differential absorption between left and right circularly polarized light (CD) is used for determining enantiomeric purities in asymmetric syntheses, assigning the secondary structures of proteins and other chiral analysis. Each of these can benefit from the ability to do the measurements in a high-throughput fashion. With standard technologies, these determinations are accelerated with the addition of robotic liquid handling systems that fail to remove the time-intensive processes of loading the samples and washing the cuvette between measurements. By rotating the light path 90o, The EKKO™ CD Microplate Reader uses a vertical light path allowing the CD measurements to be read directly from a well plate, eliminating sample transfer and cuvette cleaning. This significantly increases productivity, as much as 100-fold with respect to standard CD’s coupled to a robot…


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