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MT-Lab Technical Notes-07: Temperature calibration of a potentiostat board with an ITS

Latest updated: November 3, 2022


Intermediate Temperature System (ITS) is a compact temperature control unit based on the Peltier effect, used for the electrical characterization of materials. It is controlled by MT-Lab® software via a USB connection when used with the MTZ-35 impedance analyzer. The ITS is also controlled by a BioLogic potentiostat through its analog output using EC-Lab® software.

The ITS is temperature calibrated in the factory with the two provided PT1000 probes. For use with the MTZ-35 impedance, analyzer no calibration is needed. However, for use with a potentiostat, calibration may be needed because of a drift or an offset on the Analog out/Analog In of the user’s potentiostat board.

This technical note details the procedure to follow for the calibration of the Analog out, the Analog In1 and the Analog In2 of a potentiostat board used for the temperature control and measurement of ITS.

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