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SKP imaging example of a corroded Zn-plated Fe sample – Scanning Probes – Application Note 9

Latest updated: May 6, 2020


This short application note shows an example of the type of features that can be imaged using SKP. The SKP model sample, which is a Zn-plated Fe disk is used and contrast is associated with the presence of the two dissimilar metals as well as corrosion products and partial etching of the Zn layer.



An M470 was configured in SKP mode and a defective zinc coating was mounted and levelled in a TriCellTM. A tungsten probe was brought within approximately 100 µm of the sample surface and the system set to autotune the signal; this removes the requirement on the user to perform lock-in amplifier tuning. A sweep-scan area map experiment was then performed over 6 x 6 mm², with a step size of 100 µm.

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