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SCAN-Lab Technical Notes 21: Introducing software for the SDS470 Pump

Latest updated: December 13, 2022


The SDS470 is supplied with a peristaltic pump to perform flow type Scanning Droplet Cell (SDC; also known as Scanning Droplet System, SDS) experiments. Using the pump to flow electrolyte acts to: (1) continually refresh the electrolyte in the droplet cell formed between the SDS head and sample ensuring reaction products do not build up in the droplet, (2) stabilize
the size of the electrolyte droplet ensuring it does not disappear or on the other extreme flow out, and (3) allow the effect of flow rate to be investigated.

Download the technical note for full details.

software control SDS4870 pump peristaltic pump

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TN_21_M470 Pump Control

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