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RK-Spectro Technical Note 74: Spectral recording using MOS-500 in Circular Dichroism mode

Latest updated: February 17, 2021


This application note demonstrates how to perform a Circular Dichroism scan using MOS-500 and Bio-Kine32 software. The scenario presupposes that a MOS-500 is equipped with a 150W xenon lamp and 2nm bandwidth selected. The A/D board should be installed and Bio-kine32 well configured. The scan is made between 185 nm and 250 nm and a 3ml/min nitrogen flushing of the optics is necessary (N2 purge only because the scan is made below 195 nm).

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RK Spectro TN74 Spectral recording using MOS 500 in Circular Dichroism mode

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