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RK-Spectro Technical Note 50: Global mode experiment using MOS-200M in absorbance mode

Latest updated: February 17, 2021


This application note demonstrates how to perform global mode kinetics using MOS-200M, a stopped-flow module and Biokine32 software. Global mode kinetics enables kinetics to be carried out consecutively at a series of different wavelengths; the result is then plotted in a 3D-graph (absorbance as a function of time and wavelength). The reduction of 2,6-dichlorophenolindophenol by L ascorbic acid is described in this application note. The kinetics is followed by absorbance from 360 nm to 605 nm. If the concentration of DCIP is sufficiently smaller than Ascorbic acid then the reaction could be treated as a pseudo-first-order reaction.

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RK Spectro TN50 Global mode experiment using MOS 200M in absorbance mode

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